DEBBIE WU started her professional dance career at age of 18 when she won a scholarship to train with the Cloud Gate Dance Theater of Taiwan 雲門舞集, an internationally reknown dance company. She then joined the Cloud Gate Dance Theater and other famous dance companies in Taiwan including Henry Yu & Dancers 游好彥與舞者 舞團, Taipei Dance Circle 光環舞集 and Legend Lin Dance Theater 無垢舞蹈劇場. She also was a member of the Chinese Youth Goodwill Mission in 1990, visited and performed in U.S., Canada and Europe.

With an extensive technical background and a BA in Dance from the National Taiwan University of Arts.  She first established her dance studio with five professional instructors named Huang Jia Dance Studio 凰家舞集 in Taipei at age 25.  During that time, Debbie is also a volunteer dance therapy instructor for special need children at different elementary schools.

Debbie came to the US in 1996 and studied dance at Washington State University and Hunter College the City University of New York.  She was invited by France’s Culture Department to perform at France’s Avignon International Dance Festival in 1998.

With more than 25 years of experience teaching dance, including owning/directing her own studio.  Debbie has taught all ages and levels in Ballet, Modern and Chinese Dance. Her patience, positivity and high expectations has helped her students achieve self confidence and affirmation. For decades, students have credited Debbie with providing them with a strong technical foundation, a love of classical Ballet and the discipline necessary to succeed in dance.

Debbie was the dance instructor of Meyerholz School in Cupertino school district, where she has choreographed numerous dance showcases in past seven years. As Debbie establshed The Dance Studio in 2010, her ideal is to help her student to have a positive attitude in finding self confience and appreciate different culture and enjoy her creative, joyful and contemporary choreograph through art of dance.